- Re-Imagined Checkmate A1500 plus for the Amiga and Retro computer fan

Welcome to the new 2018 version of the Checkmate Digital A1500 which initially launched in 1989 and has been re-imagined for the Amiga and Retro computer market.
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Checkmate A1500 Plus

This is a re imagining of an Amiga product from the late 80's brought up to date for the modern retro computer fan that can hold a number of Amiga and PC motherboards.

A500: The default and original setup, fit an A500/A500+ motherboard and expand to your heart content.

A1200/A600: Fit these new motherboards and use all usual expansions internally.

A1222 Tabor: Fit the new upcoming motherboard from AEON

Mini/Micro ATX: Build a hugely powered modern PC with advanced GPU for the ultimate kickass Games and VR system

Raspberry Pi model b's: This case may be a little overkill for the Pi, but we see this as a great second system alongside an Amiga to enable modern browsers or 1080p video playback.

Checkmate A1500 plus variations

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